DJ Services
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         When You are this big - They call You "Mister"!
"Astonishing & unbelievable" are the terms often used by our clients !
- They can take your event from "
0" to Mach "6"!
- Their brand of interactive entertainment instantly draws people to the dance floor!
- Working as a catalyst our team manages to somehow always bring out the best in         people and usually has the people you would least expect, participating and                 dancing the night away !
- As an optional extra we bring along free party favors, such as:
   Party Shakers, Rubber Musical Instruments, Disco Sun Glasses and many more !
           This "Intractive DJ Show" includes
Premium Sound System-volume always perfect !
* Microphone at your disposal for speeches
* 6-7 hours combined cocktail/dinner/dance music
* Follow-up and courtesy calls
* Early arrival, sound check, written contracts to cover all 
   parties involved !
* Regular DJ (not interactive)
* One man DJ - with or without party favors
* Two man DJ - with or without party favors
* Soft lighting on dance floor for any of the above