ET the Mime is considered one of Canada's best mimes.Whether his show is televised to millions or live to hundreds, he is recognized nationwide as a sensational performer. Cleverly blending lightening
wit and fabulous illusion with hilarious interaction, he can make your corporate function or television production a smashing success. Regardless of the age or ethnicity of your audience, ET the Mime will provide a refreshing escape from the limited world of speech and "catapult-you" into the endless space of silent illusion.
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- ET the Mime has appeared numerous times on commercials like "UPS" and films !
- Performed all over the world !
- Amazed audiences at Roy Thomson Hall,North York Performing Arts Centre and Kingswood Music Theatre.
- Performed with the skating champion Elvis Stojko, "Pinba!!" Mike Clemens of the Toronto Argos and has opened for the Nylons
- Coaches the Canadian National Figure Skating Team regarding their facial expressions
- As a silver statue he has performed with the Toronto Raptors as Silver Rock on TSN !