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The Barber/Watson Duo
This Duo performs adult contemporary music, using a combination of Donna Barber's "state of the art" electronic piano and warm vocals and Doug Watson's mellow saxophone playing. Their repertoire includes timeless classics from the 1920s to the present day.The Duo has been heard on radio including CIUT,CJRT,CHRY and also appeared on Global Television.
Their music is suitable for all occasions, catering to small intimate groups or large corporate gatherings.
Whether you are seeking quiet background music or lively dance rhythms, the Barber/Watson Duo can satisfy all of your entertainment requirements!
Their group can also be augmented with bass and drums for a larger sound.
                 Moira Nelson
From Soloartist to a 6-piece Orchestra
Accomplished musician of impressive versatility. Moira has worked extensively both in Europe and Canada as soloist and with a variety of small ensembles. Her music ranges from original Traditional, Celtic to Classical. Moira and her musician would supply your guest with some wonderful elegant background music and guaranteed to be invited again !
"Oh wow,talk about mellow.Isn't that just beautiful! I could listen to that all morning ..."
Bob McAdorey,Global TV
"Dough Watson and Donna Barber are extremely talented and versatile,with a range of musical triumphs to their credit.They are as wonderful to work with as they are to listen to!"