Tricky Ricky
"Voted best artist over the past 12 months by our clients"
- It is not easy to find a good entertaining Magician for the children, as the kids of today are too quick and clever.
But here is the Magician that will have
the kids going from start to finish, and that the parents will enjoy as well.
- He has the only live educated rabbit iin
Toronto by the name of "Lucy" and she will have your crowd screaming for more!
- When Tricky turns his back onto the
audience Lucy jumps out the Magical hat and picks up the Magic Wand, throws it of the table and immediately jumps back in the Hat, so when Tricky returns, he blames the kids for taking his Magic Wand 'it is hilarious'.
- Show comes complete with sound system..
Be it for your company's family picnic, Christmas party or for a private kids birthday party, this is the show for you.
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